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About the company About Company

AK-Mechanika, s.r.o. is engaged in the development and research in the field of engineering. It focuses namely on the design and computational analysis of strength, stability and service life of machinery, equipment and instrumentation (mechanical structures).

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Services Services

We offer research, development and creation of production drawings of the new machine design or upgrading older types of mechanical structures. In this activity, we carry out an assessment of mechanical structures in terms of strength, stability and service life. Bothe the static and dynamic load are considered. This work mainly includes the computational FEM analysis and verification measurements. In the design, development and construction of new machinery and equipment, the introduction of innovative uses of current trends and research is used in addition to standard materials and components.

We use cutting-edge software for our work:


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Realizace Realization

We work in the field of energy industry (including nuclear industry), process industry (particularly in the chemical and food industry), electrical industry and transport.

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References References

We pride ourselves on a personal approach to our customers for whom we design customized solutions. Dozens of satisfied domestic and foreign customers can be considered as evidence of the quality of our work.

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