Petr Stejskal

Company Executive, Senior Analyst

Petr Stejskal

Petr mainly deals with the computational analysis of machinery for the power industry, process industry, electrical industry and transport. He is involved mainly in research and development of new machines and equipment, including their verification measurements. In addition, Petr participates in the management of the company.


About Company Education attained

  • University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty – State Doctoral Examinations (PhD) in field of Transport and Infrastructure (2011 to the present).
  • Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanics and Strength of Materials – Field: Applied Mechanics (2000 – 2005).

About Company Educational training courses

  • Certificate of specialized course "Ansys Fluent" (2021)
  • Certificate of completion of specialized course "Calculations of strength, stability, life span and pressure testing of pressure equipment" (EN 13445:2009, EN 13445:2010). TConsult, Šlapanice u Brna, October 2010.
  • Certificate of specialized course "Specialization course for pressure vessels and equipment." Under the auspices of: Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technical Inspection in Prague, Association of Mechanical Engineers, VITKOVICE Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno, Brno, June 1997.

About Company Current employment

  • University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty (2012 to the present) – teaching a new subject "Computer Mechanics / Theory of Design" at the Department of Mechanics, Materials and Machine Parts for the master's degree.
  • AK-Mechanika, Ltd. (2007 to the present) – analyst, designer – analysis and design of machines and equipment for a number of major companies, such as ALSTOM Power, FEI Company, FEI Electron Optics, TERMOL, ZVVZ Milevsko, MiCo, Poličské strojírny, etc.

About Company Previous employment and significant areas in which he worked

  • CIEB Kahovec, Ltd. (2000 – 2007) – analyst, designer, head of development, technical director – production of seats for drivers and passengers in buses, trucks and special vehicles, measuring and testing.
  • SAGE Brno, Ltd. (1996 – 2000) – analyst – analysis of machinery installed in the Nuclear power plant Temelín (Czech Republic) for the production company KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. – analysis of strength and service life of the secondary circuit and auxiliary operations.
  • CKD Choceň, a.s. (1995 – 1996) – designer and analyst of cooling equipment, heat transfer calculations, strength calculations and analysis, measurements.

About Company Publication

The papers presented at scientific conferences:

  1. Stejskal P. Seat base design procedure, RSD International Conference, Lázně Bohdaneč (2008).
  2. Stejskal P. Numerická analýza StudentCar, Techmat, Svitavy (2008).
  3. Stejskal P. Příčné kmitání štíhlých konstrukcí, Dynamics of rigid and deformable bodies, Ústí nad Labem (2009).
  4. Stejskal P. Analýza mechanických vibrací rychlomíchačky PS20, Dynamics of rigid and deformable bodies, Ústí nad Labem (2010).